When to See a Periodontist

When to See a Periodontist -  Shreveport, LA - Robert S. Guier, DDS

Referrals from Family Dentists and Self Referral

There are several ways treatment from a periodontist may be sought.  When teeth are missing, whether a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of the teeth are missing, the family dentist may recommend a consultation with a periodontist for dental implant therapy.  In the course of a regular dental check up, if the family dentist or dental hygienist finds signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, a consultation with a periodontist may also be recommended.  We work closely with each referral source; however a referral from a family dentist is not required to make an appointment in our office.  

If you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, we would welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding the benefits of modern dental implant therapy.  

  • Tooth Loss - When teeth have been lost due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, trauma or when teeth are congenitally missing (they never formed), the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth can in many instances be restored by placing dental implant supported teeth into the jawbone. 

If you experience any of these signs and symptoms or conditions, it is important that you schedule an appointment with a periodontist without delay: 

  • Gum recession - When the roots of the teeth become exposed, the aesthetic appearance of the smile is altered, eating hot and cold foods can be uncomfortable and the roots of the teeth are susceptible to tooth decay.  The main goal of soft tissue grafting is to either cover the exposed root or to thicken the existing gum tissue in order to halt further tissue loss.

  • Bleeding while eating, brushing or flossing – Unexplained bleeding while consuming food or during the course of daily cleaning is one of the most common signs of periodontal infection.

  • Bad breath – Continued halitosis (bad breath) which persists even when a rigorous oral hygiene program is in place, can be indicative of periodontal disease.

  • Loose teeth – As this disease progresses and attacks the jawbone (the anchor holding the teeth in place), the teeth may become loose or be lost all together.

  • Related health conditions – Heart disease, diabetes, osteopenia and osteoporosis are highly correlated with periodontitis and periodontal infections.  The bacteria infection can spread through the blood stream and affect other parts of the body.

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