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Dental Implants in Shreveport, LA by Robert S. Guier, DDS

Simply put, missing teeth need to be replaced – whether that’s because gaps caused by lost teeth are embarrassing or lack of natural teeth has created problem after problem for your health and wellness. While missing teeth have consequences, the optimal solution to aesthetic and functional dental issues is dental implants – the standard of care for patients lacking natural teeth in any number.

As a specialty dental office, Robert S. Guier, DDS Periodontics & Implant Dentistry of Shreveport, LA can help you replace missing teeth in your smile for lasting results. With Dr. Guier’s training and experience, we can surgically place dental implants to support optimal treatment results, and with our commitment to creating positive patient experiences, we strive to ensure that your time at our office is rewarding.

Single Tooth Replacementdental implants in Shreveport

For many patients, replacing a single tooth is all that is needed to achieve a stable solution with good aesthetics and function in doing vital, everyday tasks, like biting into foods and properly chewing with evenly dispersed forces. Dr. Guier strategically places dental implants in-office to support proper integration with surrounding tissues and allow for your final restoration to rest on a stable and permanent base.

Single dental implants posts are topped with dental crowns by your family dentist to ensure that your smile looks as natural as possible. As your implant dentist, Dr. Guier performs the important first step in creating a successful final result.

Comprehensive Smile Restoration with Implants in Shreveport

In other cases, however, patients who find themselves dealing with broken-down teeth, lack of teeth, or loose and ill-fitting conventional removable dentures can also benefit from implant dentistry. Dr. Guier provides implant placement for larger cases where any number of implants are required to support a more comprehensive restoration. Two of our options for smile rehabilitation with implants include:

Straumann Pro Arch ® -  The Straumann Pro Arch ® treatment concept was developed for patients who have struggled wearing conventional removable dentures as well as for patients whose teeth are failing and are in such condition that they need to be replaced.  Four implant posts are typically used in this treatment method to create a secure foundation for your replacement teeth. The Straumann Pro Arch ® treatment concept provides patients with a non-removable denture replacement consisting of an implant bridge, so their restored smiles look and feel as natural as possible.

Implant-supported dentures is a general term for a combination of implants with full dentures and can be provided in a number of ways. For patients interested in minimal implant placements, Dr. Guier can place two to four implants that allow dentures to snap in place with attachments called locators. These dentures are removable as needed but provide greatly improved stability by utilizing implant attachments.

No matter which option is recommended, our goal is to provide treatment that is durable, functional, and helps you enjoy a better quality of life.

Treatment for Failing Teeth and Lost Teeth - Contact Dr. Guier

To learn more about how dental implants can help repair your smile and contribute to better oral health, contact our Shreveport periodontist today for your consultation.


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