Removable Teeth

Full Arch Replacement

"My dentures are uncomfortable.  I have to use a denture adhesive to hold them in place."  If this sounds familiar to you, then our removable denture replacement solution is another option that may be the right one for you.


An alternative to a dental implant bridge is a removable, implant anchored, overdenture.  This removable overdenture, similar to your current dentures, is removable for cleaning.  Unlike your current dentures, this removable overdenture is secured to dental implants.



  • Removable, attachment retained, overdenture

           (A removable full denture that is anchored by attachments on 2 or more implants)


  •  Removable, bar retained, overdenture

(A removable full denture which attaches to a bar that is anchored on 2 or more implants)




Please visit our Smile Gallery / Dental Videos to view examples of attachment retained and bar retained Removable Teeth cases


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