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Shreveport Dental Patient Testimonials

Patient input and feedback are important, valuable and vital contributions to the periodontal / implant
dentistry experience which begins the moment you contact our office and continues throughout the entirety of each individualized treatment plan.

We would like to share with you what our patients have to say about their personalized program of treatment experienced  in our office.


"Reshaping a Quality of Life Through a Commitment to Excellence"


 Patient says, "It looks just like one of my teeth. It's very natural looking."


 Patient says her implant teeth feel like her natural teeth 



 Patient couldn't be happier with the choice she made in getting an implant over bridgework 



Periodontal plastic surgery patient says it was definitely worth having it done 



  Removable teeth implant patient feels a lot better about himself now    


Permanent teeth implant patient very pleased with end result 



 Removable teeth implant patient says teeth fit good and feel like normal teeth



 Patient sold on replacing missing teeth with dental implants



Removable teeth implant patient can now eat anything she wants to eat 



Patient says her implant teeth look, feel and function like her permanent teeth


Fixed, or non-removable, teeth patient says he is able to eat anything he wants to eat



 Fixed, or non-removable, teeth patient cannot tell they are not his real teeth 



 Patient happy with the results and feels like he has his own teeth back



 Removable teeth implant patient says his teeth look and feel natural 



 Fixed, or non-removable, teeth patient loves his new teeth and couldn't have asked for anything better


Patient strongly recommends going the route of an implant for tooth replacement 



 Permanent teeth implant patient wanted something more like his natural teeth



   Straumann® Pro Arch patient said new teeth are performing great and he has confidence now